About me

Hello, you might stopped because you want to know some informations about me. This is right place.
First of all, my name is Ilva. I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but my homeland is actually Croatia and I am Croatian. I am born on 24th June 2003 so it means that I currently have 14 years. Expext my primary school, I am student of primary music school where I am currently 6th and the last grade. If you are wondering I play piano and I learn a lot of theory, which I cannot stand! In my free time I love to watch youtubers, I read books sometimes,learning languages, hanging out, blogging, watching turkish serie hahah! My soon plans are to go in the gymnasium after finishing this school, idk I just found that school the best choice for me so hoping the best there! xxx
If you like my blog posts, you are free to comment them or send me some messages, of course I will aprecciate them!